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About Us

Company Profile

Shenzhen Thinmoo Technology Co.ltd . a mobile Internet company specializing in smart community intelligent hardware and cloud services, the company is based on technology, the core team in the Internet audio and video communications, Intelligent hardware and artificial intelligence have deep technical accumulation, and have launched a series of intelligent hardware and cloud services with industry-leading smart community mobile cloud access control, mobile cloud intercom, QR code access control, face recognition video integrated machine. Serving China's top 100 real estate properties, public security systems and mobile internet companies; providing products and services to a number of real estate and internet companies such as Vanke, Jinke, Hongrongyuan, Xinghe, Agile, Fangyuan, Zhujiang Industry, and Shangpu. Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Fujian, Hubei, Chongqing, Qinghai and other places provide a full range of smart community products and services based on mobile cloud access control and cloud video intercom. Products are widely used in public security projects, old city transformation, smart cities and other projects.

We adhere to the vision of “serving a better community” and continue to manage and optimize with “innovation, quality, time and service”; customer-centered, high-quality products and innovative technology to serve smart community construction. To create a better community.

Looking forward to the future, the company will continue to deepen the wisdom of the community, based on intelligent hardware, cloud services, artificial intelligence AI technology for innovation, in the cloud intercom, community robots continue to exert strength, and strive to create a world-class high-tech enterprise.

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